Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday: What Did I Read?

By: Margaret Ethridge

When I first read the description of Maggie, my reaction was one of confusion. Curly, frizzy, red hair? Pale skin? Jerk of a cat? Umm... I think I am the FMC in this book. Then when I read that Maggie wanted to have a baby, I thought that maybe my grandmother was writing under the name “Margaret Ethridge” to let me know she REALLY wants that grandbaby.

With the exception that Maggie is 10 years older than me, I got a bit of a wake up call when I read Commitment. It was kind of the story of my life. Single, never really finding the right guy, my father died when I was still a kid, and I even went to beauty school! (Granted, I dropped out, and Maggie started her own salon, but still!)

This book was so great. I didn't know how I felt about reading a book where the only objective was to try and get the FMC pregnant, but there is so much more to this book. It is about love, overcoming obstacles, and defeating stereotypes.

I think I was drawn in by the fact Maggie and Tom's situation is like so many other people's. Everyone has that one friend who's life is falling apart, and you are scared to share your happiness with them, but you know what you are doing one of the best things for you, and you have to realize that YOUR personal happiness is what matters. No one else's.

Overall, I think Commitment is a great book to curl up with in bed and read on cold, rainy nights with a cup of tea or coffee. Once you get started though, you won't want to put it down.

Who I think this is best for? Women in their Late 20's-Early 30's who think it might be too late for them.

Who should avoid this? Women who are of the mindset “Of course she gets a happy ending. It's fiction”.

My overall rating for this book:

4.5 out of 5 kisses


And to go along with my love of beauty, here is a makeup tutorial inspired by this book:

And if you read through this far, it is time for a giveaway!

****The give away has ended and the winner contacted!***
The first book I ever read my Margaret Ethridge, was Paramour:
It is what made me fall in love with her writing, and I am giving away a signed copy!
All you have to do is post what YOU would name a new baby if you had one today.
I'll even start: If I had a son, it would be Daniel Laurence, if I had a girl, it would be Matilda Kate.
Here are the details:
List the names you would name a kid.
Also include what name you want the book signed to.
You have until 6/4 at midnight centeral time to enter. The winner will be contacted 6/5 and the book will be signed the weekend of 6/6 at the Annual Reader Author Get Together.
Good luck everyone and I hope you enjoy the book!


  1. If it was a girl, probably Katie.

    If it was a boy, I'd go with what the s/o wanted. :-P

  2. I would name a girl Daria, and a boy John Joseph (family joke, almost 70% of our male family members have John or Joseph in their name).

    Please sign the book to Mary and I will be happy to see you at RAGT.

  3. If it was a boy Steven Brian, if it was a girl Sandra Beatrice. All are family names.

    I'd like it signed to Sue should I win. I'll be at RAGT together too! :-)