Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday, What Did I Read? Fire in the Blood

Fire in the Blood
By: Robyn Bachar
I have to say, I love, love, love Robyn Bachar's Bad Witch series.

I met her 3 years ago and just fell in love with her work. She is so sweet and so kind and you can tell hoe much time and effort she puts into her writing.

Fire in the Blood is the 3rd book in the bad with series, but is the 1st to not center around Cat, the Titania and Lex the Oberon.

This book focuses on Patience Roberts who is a summoner.

When she is attacked by a centuries old demon, she must rely on her training and the help of her faerie lover to defeat him, even if it means sacrificing her own life.

The thing I love about this book is the fact that even though there is almost constant action, there is still time given to look at the “human” parts of the characters. They love, they mourn, they have families too. I think this is something that people can tend to forget when they are looking at characters from other species.

Overall Impressions:

As I said, I love this series and I love the fact there is a spin off series (The Emily Chronicles) that keeps me entertained in between releases in the Bad Witch series. I honestly think this is one of my favorite book series ever.

Who should read this?

People who like paranormal with a bit of a real life twist. It is also for people who, like me are so excited that this takes place in Chicago since the Blackhawks just won the Stanley Cup!!! WOOT!!!!

Who should avoid this?

Anyone who is only looking for very descriptive sex stories or anyone that is a Bruins fan. ;-).

Onto the eye look:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday What Did I Read? White Chocolate

White Chocolate
By Lydia Michaels
In full disclosure, if I hadn't gotten a copy of this book for free, I probably would have never ventured out to read it.

And BOY! Would that have been a huge mistake!
I loved this book so much! Everything written seemed so real.

Kat D'Angelo is a single mom to 3 year old Mia. She has been abandoned by everyone she thought cared about her, Mia's father, her own parents, even most of her friends with the exception of Jade Schultz, who has become Mia's “Kiki”.

Kat has spent the last three years making do on her own and making sure EVERYONE knows that she doesn't need any help.
But when Tyson Adams moves in next door, Kat may have to reassess how independent she really has to be.

Overall Opinion:

I really liked this story. It progressed in a realistic fashion. There was one issue I had with the story though, The amount of time between the end of the story and the epilogue was such a huge gap and I felt the characters had changed too much to bring either a conclusion to this book or even lead into the next. I hope to read the next book in the series soon, but I just think there were too many loose ends in this one.

Who should read it?

Anyone who likes to be eased into Romance or anyone who is a single mom struggling to make it.

Who should avoid it:

Anyone that wants instant, continuous romantic action. This has sex, but it is in no way erotic.


And now, onto the eyelook:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday: What Did I Read? The Start of Something Good

The Start of Something Good
By: Gracie Lee Rose
I love, love, loved this book. Jamie reminded me a lot of myself, even with a touch of hypoglycemia! I also used to work at a coffee shop. It didn't have a cool name like “I Like You A Latte” it just had something to do with the night sky and money ;-).

I also liked this book because they didn't go “Hi, I'm Jamie.” “Hi, I'm Joseph.” “Let's have sex.” It was a nice pace and they got to know one another.

Even though Jamie and Joseph seem good for each other, the one thing I didn't like about the relationship was the fact that Joseph had JUST broken up with his girlfriend when he and Jamie started getting together. That was the one part that seemed a little too fast paced for me.

Overall though, I really liked this book and I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out.

Who is this book good for? The readers that aren't ready for a total romantic commitment and want to ease into someone's relationship.

Who should avoid this book? Anyone that what the characters to get it on RIGHT THIS INSTANCE!!!

Read it, you'll like it. I can almost guarantee it.


And now, my eye look inspired my the book:

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Mentionables: This Time Next Year

Hey everyone! As most of you know, there are certain things in life that shouldn't be mentioned. Underwear, bodily functions, exes...

Thankfully, books aren't one of those things.

Every Monday, I am going to be telling you about books that are coming out, or authors you should keep a look out for.

Today, I want to tell you about Catherine Peace. She is one of my best friends that I have told you about before. I have some great news about her! She has a book coming out in Late June!

This Time Next Year!

And it is my pleasure to reveal all of it to you!

Here is the cover:

What is it about?

Ever since surviving the vampire attack that killed her parents, Moira Curran has dealt with the resulting nightmares and abandonment issues the only way she could—by throwing herself into her education and then her biochemistry career, preferring a life of hermitude in her lab.

Kiernan Shaw has never forgotten the night twenty years ago when his maker killed a six-year-old girl’s parents in front of her. He’s spent the better part of the last two decades searching for her in order to make amends.

Madame Eve has managed to bring the two together. When they finally meet, will Moira be able to give Kiernan what he needs? Will Kiernan put her fears to rest? Or will old fears and guilt keep them apart?

Want to read a little?

For a moment, he thought back to Madame Eve’s email. If she trusts you, she will tell you her name. He understood the power of names, and so did Madame Eve. Something insignificant to a mortal meant everything to a vampire, in whose world names were both salvation and control. Remind a vampire of his humanity, or steal it away by forcing him to do something horrific, like watching a little girl’s parents be eviscerated right in front of her.

"Kiernan Shaw." Swallowing hard, he found his way back onto the coffee table. "And yours?"

Would she tell him her name? Would she allow him that kind of power?

She took a deep breath, as though considering the same questions. "Moira Curran."

He rolled the name on his tongue and loved the way it felt. "Beautiful." He reached to stroke her cheek, but she flinched. "Moira, I won't hurt you. I could never hurt you."

"I'm sorry," she muttered. "Old habits, I guess."

He nodded, unable to speak at first. The cloying scent of her fear, like overripe peaches, almost strangled him. "Why did you ask me to stay?"

"I don't know."

Neither did he, but he wouldn't leave until she asked him to.

"I don’t want to be alone, Kiernan. Isn’t that pathetic?"

He warmed at the sound of his name on her lips. His mouth watered at the thought of kissing her, exploring her, making his name come out of that gorgeous mouth again and again. He tamped down his desire. Nothing good would happen if he moved too fast. "Not in the slightest." Willem had all but guaranteed him a life alone. Like he approached a scared animal, he moved next to her on the couch. She uncoiled, but didn't relax. "Talk, Moira. Please." The silence hurt his ears as much as any scream.

She shook her head. "It's too hard." Tears spilled but she didn't move to wipe them away.

Time to be bold, I guess. He brushed a hand against her cheek again. Instead of flinching, she eased into his touch. "I want to ease your hurt," he said. "Will you let me?"


So, what do you think? Post your opinions here and be sure to visit Catherine here:

Also, if you know a book or an author that should be mentioned, or if YOU want to be mentioned, let me know!

See you all Wednesday with another review!