Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wordy Wednesday: 12 Years

This post is hard for me to write. Every year I wonder how another year has passed and I don't understand why he still isn't here. That's because death is still forever and suicide is permanent.

I still remember when I was seven and I was sitting at my father's house reading his copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare and he asked me if I knew what Romeo & Juliet was about and I told him "Daddy, it's about love."

I also remember the first time I gave him something I wrote to read and I started crying when he began to edit it.

So many of my memories of my father revolve around books, reading, and writing. I still have that copy of The Complete Works, and it made me smile when on closer inspection, it said "Property of ____ Library." I guess if you are going to heist a book, this would be the one to be ballsy with.

I'm not a published author like my guest bloggers, I'm just a girl that likes books, and hears voices in her head when she tries to spell "a lot".

"You are in 5th grade!!!! How do you not know this is two words?"

The man that could quote The Raven from memory is probably one of my largest inspirations for my love of books and reading. I am going to be honest though, I would have loved to see his reaction to Twilight. He would have ripped it apart.

I am just rambling now, but I wanted to make sure on this day, even if he still isn't here, I want to make sure people know how much I love him and make sure as many people as possible are exposed to the magic that was Daniel Paul Lute.

I miss you dad and maybe year, it won't be as hard.

Daniel P. Lute
May 16 1956-October 16, 2001

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