Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wordy Wednesday The Marvelous Margaret Ethridge

The last guest blog of the month comes from the 1st author to ever do a give away with me! Margaret Ethridge! Enjoy!

Who inspires me to write? These ladies:

Meet some of the super-coolest friends an author could hope to have. These ladies have been my cheerleaders, counselors, confidantes and consigliores throughout this adventure. The prologue from the first novel I ever wrote (Contentment) was written as a birthday present for Michelle. Julie has been my critique partner (in crime) from the get-go. Laurie, Kathrin, Kirsteen, and Michele have all been beta readers for me. At one time or another, each and every one of them has acted as my pimp. I wouldn’t have had the courage to try if it weren’t for them. I couldn’t weather the ups and downs of this crazy roller coaster ride without them by my side.

Though we call Germany, Australia, Canada and the U.S. home, once a year we all gather together in one little corner of the world for a weekend of love and laughter. My friendship with these ladies has been my best, most enduring long distance love affair.

Shh. Don’t tell my husband.

How about you? Do you have a long distance love (platonic or otherwise)? Want to read about one? Check out my latest release: Long Distance Love

Sometimes the distance between two hearts can be measured in frequent flier miles.

A Christmas Eve snowstorm leaves newly-single Ellie Nichols trapped in an airport terminal with only hunky FBI Agent Jack Rudolph for company.

Lucky Ellie.

For Jack, the passing of a long winter’s night turns into a New Year filled with possibility. State lines and hundreds of miles separate them, but the spark that flares each time they meet cannot be denied.

Can two ambitious, career-driven people find a way to make a long distance relationship work when matters of the heart bring them up-close and personal?


  1. My friendship with these ladies has been my best, most enduring long distance love affair. -- Same goes for me. Absolutely loved reading this blog post, Margaret! Jack and Ellie are only proof of your incredible talent and that you were born to write! :)

  2. LOVE!!!! Happy to be a part of your success. I'm so happy for and proud of you. You've all helped me too, more than I've probably said. XOXO

  3. Amen sistah friend. To quote Lorelai, "I don't have very many people in my life who are in my life permanently forever. They will always be there for me. I will always be there for them"